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The human mind is a Delicate and complex area of the human body and is of utmost importance to how we live and function. Our physiological systems and activities are controlled by different areas of the brain. For example movement and equilibrium is controlled by the motor cortex, the brain stem and the cerebellum. Every action we take out, from breathing to scratching our nose, is ordered by the gray matter between our ears. The head is constantly at risk because of its fragility. Many day to day accidents may result in a knock to the head and several accidents caused by someone else could result in an injury of this sort. Even simple mishaps like banging your head on a shelf or falling over, hold an element of danger. If unconsciousness lasts more than 15 minutes then it is possible that some quite considerable damage might have been done to the mind.

Head Injury Advice

Whilst many injuries involving a head injury are not that severe and lead to total recovery, some result from the individual having to relearn basic life skills and depend on the care of others for much of their lives. Rehabilitation is a big element of the restoration of a patient that has a serious brain injury. A deadly epidemic amongst road users to know more Head injuries are Extremely common with approximately 1 million people attending hospital annually with a moderate to severe head injury. Statistics show that each and every year, out of every 100,000 of the population, between 10 and 15 people suffer a serious head injury, 15 to 20 individuals suffer a moderate head injury, and between 250 and 300 people, a moderate head injury.

The causes of head Accidents are wide ranging but according to government statistics around 40% to 50% will be the result of a road traffic collision. A head injury from a road traffic accident is also more likely to be serious due to the rate and nature of automobile crashes and other road mishaps. Industrial and domestic injuries account for between 20% and 30% of head injuries, sports injuries 10-15percent and assaults 10%. Head injuries and the motorcyclist the most vulnerable Road users are definitely motorcyclists. Many other automobile drivers are unaware of this vulnerability and injuries frequently happen when motorbikes ride up behind a car in its own blind spot. The incidences of People killed or hurt in a motorcycle accident speak for themselves.